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  • Heather Olexa


Updated: Feb 21, 2023


The history of the power of hair started long before the 1950s, but if you ask anyone, most people recall the power of the pixie in the era of the housewife. And while short crops made their debut long before the likes of Jane Seberg and Audrey Hepburn, they were often thought of as subversive and anti-establishment.

As '50s starlets began to reject the time-consuming coiffures of their silver screen colleagues, the pixie became a symbol of empowerment amongst women against beauty and lifestyle standards imposed upon them at the time. To this day, the pixie is often villainized in media as a “crisis haircut” ⚠️or sign of impending mental break when the reality is that short hair is often freeing for many women, and the symbolism behind chopping it all off falls in line with rejecting conformity and embracing your own personal idea of beauty.🖤🖤

🌟Are you ready to take the plunge?!

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