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"Heather Olexa will make you swoon with hair JOY!  I love what she does to my hair and trust her implicitly.  Heather knows what to do for your hair and will never disappoint! Blowout, Color, or Cut- you won't regret visiting this amazing talent!"

- Emily Mann



Heather Olexa is an amazing stylist with major talent. I have baby fine hair but a lot of it, she listened to my obscure idea of what I wanted and somehow was able to get into my brain and see what exactly I envisioned, because it's perfect. A pixie cut that's not too short, perfectly shaped with tons of movement. I was even disliking my hair color (had done somewhere else awhile back) and seriously am liking what I see now.

I was a little hesitant because she's pricey, but I had zero problem paying because it looks expensive and I absolutely love love love my hair. Truly. 

Go see Heather Olexa, she's sweet and easy to talk to and will give you exactly what you want."



"Transformed inside and out. In the last 18 months I have gone through many transformations (including big changes to my love, career, health) and through all of these I've kept a good head on my shoulders. Heather Olexa's cut and color is principally responsible. Isn't it the toughest times that you need your best haircuts? I think so. 

With Heather's help I have presented to the world a youth, creativity and confidence where others might expected the opposite. It's not just any hair stylist who can transform an outer appearance to reflect the client's inner beauty. 

Mine is a funky sprite of a beauty; I'm more elf than angel. Heather recognized who I am, and with thoughtful intension helped me to discover the following hair styles:

(1) mid-length naturally dark cut to shaved sides (Nov '13) 

(2) pastel green tint that perfectly accented my eyes (April '14) 

(3) piece-y asymmetrical undercut bob (Nov '14) 

(4) twiggy pixie in platinum blonde (Jan '15)
I believe that in other hands the following looks could quickly become a disaster. None here, not with this girl. 

Envision yourself feeling beautiful and confident inside and out, then book with Heather."

-Eryn W

"Just see Heather, I cant' say enough good things about this girl! She knows her stuff! My cuts with her are always precise and the color leaves my hair super shiny and dimensional. Personally, I have thick wavy hair and her magic tames my mane. I know it's hard to find a good fit when you're looking for a "forever" stylist but trust me, I've done the leg work for you and she's the one. Get in there and thank me later."

-Adriana L


"I am super loyal when it comes to my stylists so when mine moved away, I was LOST. When I first saw Heather I was so nervous. She is not only super sweet, she knows her stuff. She made me feel so comfortable and was DEAD-SET on making it perfect. She taught me a ZILLION things along the way. I can't wait for my next apt."

-Hannah S



"Heather is the best... you’re reading that and thinking this review isn’t legit. She and I met in Austin, but know a lot of luxury beauty friends. She can predict my low maintenance, scattered thoughts and timing around high maintenance double process. I honestly have never enjoyed being at the salon for hours, as much as I do with Heather. If I had to use 3 words to describe her process it would be magician, patient, and perfectionist. You cannot go wrong being a lazy hair snob with Heather. She does everything from edgy to soft. What more do you want? She’s got the nyc street cred from b&b (many other brands, too!) and continues to educate herself and others. She’s done everything for me from corrective color, extensions, to coaching me to let my hair have a break. I hardly wash my hair and she never complains. I highly recommend checking out Heather Olexa!"

 -Vickie Culbertson


"I first met Heather in Orlando, and just recently reconnected with her in Austin. She came highly recommended by many different stylist friends back home when I was looking for a new stylist in Austin. I’ll never let anyone else touch my head again. There is no one that can even come close to the precision and detail that I get with Heather. I am extremely picky and not the easiest client to deal with. I trust Heather, and would continue going to Heather even if she fell blind. A truly talented stylist."

-Rebecca Pedro


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