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  • Heather Olexa

Why cutting it off is so much more than that.

Why girls who cut their hair are actually doing so much more

There is no material possession in our lives rich with greater substance than our HAIR.

🧸 Hair holds so much more energy than most of us are aware of. Some women use it as a security blanket whose purpose is to shield and protect, while others use it as a secret weapon to tease and entice.

⚡️It can be used as a statement, an air of strength, a don’t give a fuck effect and cutting it off can be incredibly liberating.

❤️Whether it’s to signal the end of a relationship or a new promotion—there is usually a direct correlation between what’s happening on our heads and what’s happening in our lives. Especially during these trying times.

What is a more powerful way to embark on a journey of personal transformation than to begin with the literal cutting off the old and starting a new. Makeovers are kind of my specialty and what a better time for one than to start spring🌺with a new look?!

Doing a lot of makeovers lately it feels so good to see all that has been split, broken, neglected, damaged and abuse in our lives hit the salon floor and be swept away. 🧹

It’s like a restart button.

💥Shes cutting out a toxic relationship

💥She’s cutting off her expectations

💥Shes cutting off safety to find adventure

💥Shes cutting off the damage

💥Shes cutting off some maintenance

💥Shes cutting off “beauty” to tap into style

💥Shes cutting off fear

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