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  • Heather Olexa

The Box Bob

The Box Bob

The box bob is trending and for good reason: it's probably the most wearable. This is chin-length, or a little shorter, and cut with a blunt outline. It's great for finer hair as it makes lengths look thicker, fuller, and more voluminous. I love how it can go from being blow-dried, for fullness, to the opposite, where you can slick it back and make it look very chic. Topped off with a choppy blunt bang if your really feeling adventurous!

If proof were needed that the box bob is the answer to adding springy volume to fine hair and definition to cheekbones, look no further than Hailey Bieber's brand new blunt bob. Playful, versatile and super flattering, it's now, thanks to Hailey, being chalked up as the latest iteration of the bob hairstyle to cause a stir in hair salons.

After the sliced bob, blunt bobs, shaggy bobs and the paper-cut bob, it's little surprise that stylists are welcoming a new take on the bob with open arms (and razors).

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