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  • Heather Olexa

The American Wave Perm Trend!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

American Wave creates soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns for today’s style-conscious client. Whether you want to increase volume, make curls, or add beach waves this professional service offers the permanent creation of texture. 

The system uses editorial hair setting techniques for fashionable looks. The ionic waving lotion reduces stress on hair, smoothes the cuticle, and encourages wave and curl patterns that are tailored to the characteristics of each person.

Is there a style you're craving and your hair just doesn't support your last haircut? Is it just not the wavy Shag or Bob of your inspo pic? This happens frequently and sometimes the next step is an American Wave #Perm! These are the perfect solution for wash and go while gaining constant style with no effort. My clients usually get 6 months to even a year with just one appointment! Make your consultation today and explore the possibilities 🌟

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