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How to remove brassy color

How to Remove Brassy Color

Though it's essential to seek advice from a trusted local colorist who can access your locks in person, these tips will help you better understand what you need to correct the brassiness.

#1 Book a color-corrective appointment. To entirely remove any hint of brass, I recommend a color-corrective appointment with a professional stylist/colorist. Give the expert a heads up by asking for this specific type of treatment. The only way to thoroughly remove a brassy tone from hair is to go through a multi-step process that treats every last strand.A color-corrective appointment addresses what happened to your hair before you came in for help. A permanent color is often the culprit. In the process of lightening the hair, the permanent color unearths the red and orange tones that are present in all hair types. For darker shades of brown, the permanent color then deposits a darker tone on top of the lightness it created, but in a few weeks when the color fades, the client is left with an unpleasant shade of brown.To avoid brassiness, many professional colorists like myself will use a demi-permanent color, which fades in more natural-looking way.

Ask your stylist to use a toner.

Ask your colorist to apply a toner after the dye is washed out. A toner will literally "tone down the hair" to hide the warm undertones. When you don't do this, your highlights may look too blonde if you're a brunette. Also, the toner helps blend the colors together and can be used to achieve your desired look.

One important note: Since a toner isn't permanent, you'll need to re-appply every month to six weeks, dependent on your hair texture and how often you wash your hair.

Invest in a water filter for your showerhead. Austin has hard water. You're probably mindful of the quality of the water you drink, and the same concern should go into the water that cleans your hair. Investi in a water filter for your shower-head. Not only will it filter out the hard water and minerals that can cause build-up and create a brassy shade, but it will also leave your hair softer and healthier.

Visit your colorist regularly.

The best way to prevent brassy hair for brunettes, blondes, redheads—or really, hair of any shade—is to have regular appointments. Much like you check in with a doctor, colorists are trained to keep your locks healthy and glowing. Brassiness often appears simply because the color is overdue for a touch-up.

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